Individual Partners

Gary and Amanda Baker
Fundraising, music partnership

Kevin and Angela Hawkins

David Matte (and Kay)
Massachusetts State Trooper

John and Leslie Osterweil

John and Sonja Richardson

Dr. Steven E. Sampson
Founder, The Ortobiologic Institute

Dr. Allan Mishra
Sports Medicine Specialist and Founder, Biologic Orthopedic Society

Dr. David Karli
Founder and CEO, Greyledge Technologies

Corporate Partners


performance optimization (rehabilitation, athletic training…)


Lowry Creative

Mid-Atlantic Finance

Veratics Inc.

warrior2warrior foundation
Suicide prevention programs


* For tax purposes, V4V can provide a tax letter in the amount of the assessed value of your collection or specific item


Specific Services Needed

V4V is currently in need of a storage space to store items we will be using when we build the town. Ideally a warehouse would work best, but we are interested to explore all potential solutions.


Specific Requirements

Minimum 10,000 square feet


Climate control

If you would like to partner with us, please fill out the this form. We look forward to connecting with you.